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Comado Video Player

1.19 usd

This video player application enables you to use other applications while watching the video you want to watch.For example, You can see WebPage with Browser while watching video with small window of this application.
This experience is only on Android. It is impossible to experience on iOS or WindowsPhone.Let's enjoy your good SmartPhone Life using this app.
[Features] - Simple Video Finder - Search and watch YouTube Videos(Testing Feature) - Normal video play mode like a almost other video player apps. - Background video play mode using overlay window over another app - Enable to seek and resize while overlay window showing.
[How to use] 1. Run this application. 2. Choice the video you want to watch. Then, start video playing with window. 3. Tap changes video controller visible, Pinch-in/out is zoom-in/out, and LongTap shows menu. 4. Please enjoy watching videos with window style.